Why Public Speaking is a Goldmine for Professionals

Leveraging public speaking to gain new clients is your golden ticket if you’re a coach, consultant, accountant, lawyer, or any expert aiming to grow your client base. Public speaking not only establishes your credibility but also showcases your expertise, building that all-important trust factor. In the world of business, trust is currency.

Just like Woody’s heartfelt line in “Toy Story,” “You’ve got a friend in me,” which signifies the essence of trust and friendship, establishing trust is akin to making friends with your audience. Once that trust is built, gaining new clients becomes a natural progression. Establish trust and the clients will follow.

Building Trust Through Information

Sharing helpful and valuable insights during your presentation does more than entertain—it builds trust. However, the sharing of information is the first step. The question is, how do you convert this trust into a (lasting) business relationship? The answer lies in creating compelling offers.

Simple Offers Are The Next Step

The Power of Your Mailing List

Once your audience is impressed with your insightful talk, a mailing list provides them with an avenue to continually receive value from you. And remember, it’s always beneficial to keep the line of communication open with potential clients through an email newsletter that delivers value.

Your Next Big Event

If you’ve just wowed your audience with valuable information they need, the next logical step is to invite them to your upcoming workshop, webinar, or virtual event. Make the sign-up process as effortless as possible. Make it easy, and you will be creating a win-win. 

Personalized Strategy Sessions

Offering a complimentary or paid strategy session is a direct and personal way to understand the unique challenges your audience members might face. This one-on-one interaction is a stepping stone to offering your services that specifically address their needs. Ensure that it’s easy for people to schedule these sessions, and you’ll be building meaningful relationships in no time.

Keep It Simple: Remember the old adage, “A confused mind never buys”? Keep your offer focused and simple to ensure greater success.

Handouts and Prizes: The Icing on the Cake

A handout that the audience completes and returns to you could range from a straightforward form to an elaborate four-color postcard. Use it as an entry for a giveaway. People love prizes, whether it’s free admission to your next class or one of your own products. Or it could simply by a $10 Starbucks or Amazon card. However, in the world of giveaways, your own book or other product becomes doubly useful—it not only serves as a prize but also provides you an opportunity to describe its value, focusing on what it can do for the audience.

The Triple Threat: Presentation, Offer, Prize

Your presentation, offer, and prize(s) should come together in a beautiful synergy to provide genuine value. Like the great Steve Jobs said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Your role as a speaker is to reveal your expertise and show how you can resolve the challenges your audience faces.

Time to Join the Conversation

So, what’s your next step in leveraging public speaking to gain new clients? Maybe you have already tried one or more of these strategies? Share your experience, challenges, or even your success stories. Your insights could be the lightbulb moment for someone else. Don’t hold back—comment below and let’s build a community of empowered public speakers.

About the Author

Hi! I'm Pam. I teach entrepreneurs to be fearless & compelling speakers online and in person and how to easily promote and run their own online workshops, webinars, and online courses. 

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