How to Find & Apply to Podcasts Looking for Guests

In this blog post, I'll not only explore the benefits of being a guest on a podcast, I'll also provide how you can find and apply to podcasts looking for expert guests. You'll find a list of podcast platforms where experts, particularly public speakers, can apply. Being a podcast guest is an excellent way to market yourself and your expertise. Here are 3 key benefits:

1. Expand Your Reach:

Being on a podcast allows you to reach a new and engaged audience, increasing your visibility and credibility in your field. You can announce your podcast appearance to your email list and on social media in advance of the podcast to maximize exposure.

2. Promote Your Content:

Use your podcast appearance to promote your books, programs, online courses, or free resources. Offering something valuable at the end of the podcast can drive traffic to your website and increase sales and followers.

3. Boost Your Credibility:

After appearing on a podcast, proudly display that you were featured on the podcast with the podcast logo on your website. This adds third-party credibility to your online presence.


If you're an expert looking to be a guest on podcasts, each of the following podcast platforms provide lots of podcasts where you can apply to be a guest. Each platform requires you to register. And, in some cases, you pay to have your guest profile listed for podcasters to find you.

1. Podcast Guests: A platform connecting podcasters with great guests. This platform only provides podcasts guests and requires you to pay to be listed. You can get a feel for the platform by searching through the current guest profiles. Plans start at $15 monthly or $120 a year. 

2. Rephonic: A comprehensive database of 122,000 podcasts at the time I wrote this blog post. You can "find, pitch, and get featured on podcasts" with Rephonic. Offers a 7-day free trial. Plans start at $99/month which seems pretty expensive.

3. Pitch Podcasts: A resource to find podcasts that are actively looking for guests like you. You can register for free, and find podcasts but no emails are provided. Plans start at $10 a month or $100 a year. If you find a podcast of interest, you could google it to see if you could find the podcast website and a way to apply for free.

4. Goodpods: Discover the best podcasts for both podcast guests and hosts. Goodposts bills itself like a "spotfiy" for podcasts. There's no way to apply to be on a podcast as a guest, but you can find podcasts on this platform. I like this platform as it tells you how many listeners the podcast has and the date of the last podcast.

5. Podmatch and Matchmaker: Like, Podcast Guests, both Podmatch and Matchmaker are like dating websites for guests and podcasters. Pricing for Podmatch for guests starts at $26/month. Pricing for Matchmaker startes at zero dollars with some limitations.

6. Perfect Podcast Guest: Getting listed as a guest starts at $9.99 a month with a $1.00 30-day trial

These sources offer various ways to discover podcasts that are actively seeking experts like you to be guests. Most require you to complete a guest profile. If you decide to go that route, it's good to include the following in your guest bio as noted on Perfect Podcast Guest:

  • Your Name
  • Headshot
  • Up to 3 Categories of expertise
  • Full Contact information
  • Your Web URL
  • Links to Social networks
  • A brief bio
  • A long bio
  • Your own media pitch
  • Links to your 3 latest interviews
  • Sample questions and talking points
  • Indicate your willingness to promote your interview (HINT: this is a HUGE plus for being a guest)
  • Where you will promote — to your email list and/or your social networks
  • Your estimated audience reach from your promotional efforts
  • Indication of whether or not you’ve been formally media trained (not a deal breaker, but it’s a plus! — we can help)
  • You can even ask your hosts and their listeners to rate you after your interview!

Make sure to check submission guidelines and requirements to apply successfully.


By maintaining a profile on LinkedIn and posting and engaging on a regular basis, you could get noticed and asked to be on various podcasts. Even emailing your email list can result in an invitation. You never know who might have a podcast. Even if a podcast has low listernship, you can still benefit by promoting your podcast interview before and after the podcast and adding the podcast logo to your website.  

Here's one free way to find and apply to be a guest on podcasts on your own.

  1. Do a search on LinkedIn for "podcast host."
  2. Click on one of the results that peaks your interest. When I did this, I clicked on Jeff Newkirk.
  3. Once you click on a profile, find the name of their podcast. In my search, when I clicked on Jeff's profile, I found that his podcast name was "Game Changers with Jeff Newkirk."
  4. Once you have the name of the podcast, google it. In the results, look for the website for the podcast - not the podcast itself. In my search, I clicked on ""
  5. Once you find the website, look for a way to apply as a guest. On Jeff's podcast website, there was a link to "Podcast Guest" in the navigation. I clicked on that, and there was a guest application.
  6. After completing the application, send the podcast host a message either on LinkedIn or on their website letting them know you applied and look forward to hearing from them. Add any other information you believe would help for them to respond.

This approach is a simple way to find podcasts that appeal to you and apply to be a guest. 

I hope this blog post has shed light on the incredible benefits of being a podcast guest and provided you with valuable insights on where to find opportunities. Now, it's your turn! Have you been a podcast guest before, or are you considering it? I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and any questions you may have. Leave a comment below and join the conversation. Remember, confident public speaking is a learnable skill that can elevate your business, so let's discuss how you can get started on your podcast journey!

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Hi! I'm Pam. I teach entrepreneurs to be fearless & compelling speakers online and in person and how to easily promote and run their own online workshops, webinars, and online courses. 

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