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Ways to Profit with Large Companies for Speakers

This is a quick “down and dirty” list!


These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.


Ways for Speakers to Profit with Large Companies

I’m sitting across from Gate D8 at the Phoenix airport thus the photo on the left. This photo doesn’t have anything to do with this blog topic, but photos are compelling and draw people in. Plus, since I’m on vacation, I thought I would share a little bit of my adventure. Below is a photo of my delicious meal at this terminal, tomato basil soup and a guacamole sandwich with havarti cheese and other accompaniments. If you are ever at this airport, check out Grande Restaurant at Terminal D. The food is very fresh and delicious!

Now to the topic!  This will be a quick “down and dirty” list:
  • Large companies will rarely hire you from one (cold) phone call. You must develop a strategy to market to big business.
  • Your goal is to get them to call you! That is a much easier way to go. Then you’re telling, not selling.
  • When they do call you, carefully assess their needs and listen to what they tell you.  For example, if they ask you to send you a ballpark of what your fees are, don’t do it until you are sure you understand what they need. And, remember, whatever you send them will be your final offer.  Don’t think that your ballpark figure is a first figure. Once they have your fee, that’s it. Rarely, will they ask you to adjust it.
  • Have a proposal template that you use so that you can make simple adjustments for each client to customize to what they need.
  • If you want to cold call large companies, call the personnel/HR manager to find out who books events, speakers, and trainers and what the process is to be included in submitting your proposal.
  • Find out who the senior managers are and what groups where they are members on LinkedIn.
  • To get noticed and have manages/executives calling you for potential business, be sure your keywords are on your website and it’s search engine optimized. Join the groups that your target companies are members on LinkedIn. Then blog and post valuable content. I have obtained several new, large clients from this very system. They contacted me first because they had seen me through my emails or posts and liked what they saw. This system works.
  • Build relationships with and possibly join speakers’ bureaus.
  • Align with other speakers/consultants to present a total package that you might not be able to do alone.
  • Take every opportunity to speak to corporate groups and networking groups for free. When you do so, you are move visible and other speaking engagements usually result, leading to brand recognition and your phone ringing.

The list goes on, but my plane is about to board. I am committed to the Ultimate Blog Challenge that began July 1, so you’ll see more each day on different topics and expanded topics. The goal and my intention is to provide value for you.

What can I say?  It was really good.  I hope to come back to this airport.

Pam Terry
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  1. Jacqui Dobens says:

    Great post Pam! You definitely added value with your “down and dirty” list.
    Besides, you had me at havarti & guacamole.

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thanks Jacqui. That was really good! You made me laugh outloud. 🙂

  2. Kathy Hadley says:

    Sounds like really good advice. You know your stuff.

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thank you Kathy. I am committed to doing a blog a day for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Wilma J. Brown says:

    Thanks for that share. Results are what matter. Have a great vacation!

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thanks Wilma. It’s been fun so far. I’m in flight right now using Southwest Airline’s wifi. Reporting directly from 19,476 feet in the air!

  4. Debra Jason says:

    Cool tips. Thanks. Hope you didn’t miss your plane! 🙂

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thanks for stopping by Debra and your encouragement. Everything went really well.

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These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.