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The 4 P's for Mastering Public Speaking - #1 - PASSION

You can’t win on passion alone, but without it, nothing is driving you.


These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.

by Pam Terry in Blog, Mastering Public Speaking
December 14, 2011 2 comments

The 4 P’s for Mastering Public Speaking – #1 – PASSION

In keeping with a quick way to understand how to master public speaking, I came up with the 4P’s for Mastering Public Speaking that pulls it all together and in a race car way:

Passion (the Driver)
Power (the Fuel – Knowledge is Power)
Preparation (the Vehicle)
Practice (the Accelerator)

It makes sense. Put all of these things together and you have the perfect formula for being an effective and natural speaker. Your audience will love you.

Your passion for something is essential. If your topic bores you, you’re going to bore your audience. You can’t win on passion alone, but without it, nothing is driving you. You’ve got to feel a desire for something.

Look at comedians. Sarcasm is not passion. If you notice, most comedians are sarcastic or angry. The more sarcastic or angry, the funnier they are. What they are passionate about is being funny! They aren’t passionate about their topic, necessarily, but they are passionate about being the center of attention and getting laughs.

You might have someone who’s topic is risk mitigation for corporations. How can you be passionate about risk mitigation? That’s not the real passion – the passion is about what risk mitigation will do for a company. You could alter the whole culture of a company and increase revenues by teaching them the value of risk mitigation. Your passion is most likely going to be about the difference your topic will make for people.

Someone who is passionate about snow boarding, surfing, xtreme sports, stamp collecting, or any other hobby or craft, will take their topic and not only be passionate about it, but also be passionate about the impact of it for others.

Anyway you look at it, passion is your driver. Without it, it’s a FAIL. Have you ever felt like you have lost your passion for something? Or, you’re going to give a presentation and you just aren’t feeling it? When that happens, you’ve lost your passion. If you are truly not interested in your topic, but you still must present it, you need to find a way to get passionate about it.

One of the simplest ways to illustrate how to do that is to remember the story about the traveler who meets three bricklayers and asks each what he is doing. The first mutters, “Working for a buck.” The second states, “Making a wall.” The third proclaims, “Building a school that will educate children for generations.” Each is doing the same work, yet the work of the third – the bricklayer working for the future – has created a vision for making a difference.

When you lose your passion, you have lost your vision. Passion is really about a vision for the future of what is possible. It excites you, stimulates you, and calls you forth. Rekindling your passion is simply creating a vision for what is possible that inspires and motivates you. When you authentically create that vision and you are inspired and motivated, you will inspire and motivate others.

Next up –>  POWER.

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Pam Terry

Pam Terry is a public speaker coach and marketing strategist who has helped hundreds of people become compelling speakers and get business from speaking. Her straightforward style empowers experts to experience joyful self-expression. And, her talent for creating structure and systems enables her clients to accelerate their success! For more tips and resources, join The In Demand Speaker Official Group on Facebook at
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  1. Calvince says:

    Passion is the fire. It is the energy that propels a person even when there is little reason to continue. Point noted.

    1. Pam Terry says:

      It always seems that the person with the most passion wins!!

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These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.