Speaker Request Intake Form

What do you do when you get a request to speak? Besides getting excited and enthusiastic, you need to gather information that will help you prepare a presentation that will exceed the expectations of the host and the audience. How? By using a Speaker Request Intake Form. This blog post is Part 3 of a three part series on preparation. Part 2 is on audience analysis and Part 1 is on crafting an engaging signature talk

Part 3 is something every public speaker should have - a Speaker Request Intake Form. If you already have your own form, use this list to see if you have everything. You can also grab my form here.

If you don't have your own Speaker Request Intake Form, you can make your own form using the 8 areas I have identified for intake that will help you shine as a speaker. Be sure to gather this information (ask the host/organizer) when you receive your request to speak. Even if you are hosting your own in-person or virtual event, you can use this information to gather pertinent information you'll need to be prepared and deliver a talk that's customized for your audience.


Event Host Info (Speaker Request Intake Form)

Host/organizer name, Email, Cell Phone, and if there is a secondary contact.


Presentation Info (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. Date (if it conflicts with your schedule and there are no moving things around, you can stop here or see if they would like to book you for another date.)
  2. Topic
  3. Length of Talk
  4. Q&A Length
  5. Compensation (if a paid presentation, collect 1/2 in advance and invoice now – don’t prepare until you have received 1/2 upfront. Then collect the rest the day of the event before you speak.)
  6. Amenities such as a meal and/or a display table for your products. Is the display table your own or shared?
  7. Ability to make an offer at the end of your presentation?
  8. Ability to have feedback form and prize drawing at the end?
  9. Can they video your presentation and take photos? If not, is it ok for you to arrange recording it and taking photos?
  10. Can someone help you with your handouts? If not, you’ll arrange.


Event Info (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. Name of the event.
  2. Event purpose.
  3. Start and end time of the event and of your talk.
  4. Start and end time of networking time before your talk.
  5. Is meal served before, during, or after your talk?
  6. What is the agenda for the day (get a copy either by email or online)?
  7. Will they have/need a microphone for you and what type?
  8. Does the host have a PowerPoint for the event? If so, send a slide about you with a photo, talk title, phone number, email, social media, etc. Find out who to send it to.
  9. Anyone speaking before or after you or on the same day? If yes, who are they, and what are their topics?
  10. Any other particulars or info about the event?


Attendees (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. How many are expected?
    Arrange to get a copy of the registration list and the attendee list either by email or online.
    Complete a thorough audience analysis to understand who they are, why they are there, what their needs are, and what they are expecting from you.


Person Introducing You (Speaker Request Intake Form)

Get their name, email, and cell number.


Bio, Head Shot, Speech Title, & Benefits (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. Find out the word limit for your bio and if they need one for advertising and for introducing you.
  2. Send a headshot of you that is at least 600 dpi and 1 Mb in size.
  3. Speech title.
  4. Benefits for your audience – ask the host what the audience wants and create 3 powerful things they will get out of your talk that meet their needs.
  5. Speaker One Sheet – send this also so that the host/organizer knows more about you.


Location/Venue Info (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. What is the address?
  2. Anything peculiar or in particular about this venue? Is it hard to find? Does it have a name, etc.?
  3. Will there be any other events, distractions, or issues to contend with on the day of the event?
  4. What will be the room layout (theater-style, table rounds, etc.)?
  5. Will you need a microphone?
  6. What is the parking situation? Garage? Parking Lot, Street Parking? Is there a valet or a fee for parking?
  7. Be sure to add it to your calendar.


Marketing of Event (Speaker Request Intake Form)

  1. How will the event be marketed?
  2. Suggest how you can help and be sure to follow through.

There is much more to do after you get the above information:

The more you prepare, the more confident you will become. Not only will you feel confident, but preparation stokes the flames of passion for your speech and for providing valuable info for your audience! And, a Speaker Request Intake Form helps you to be prepared and professional.

Let me know how this has been helpful in the comments below.

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