Hi! I'm Pam.

I teach business owners, coaches, authors, professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs how to be confident, compelling speakers and create their own online training events with ease. 

Ready to captivate your audience
on your own virtual events?

We have an unprecedented opportunity to reach people anywhere in the world with the advent and rush of virtual events. 

All too often, trainers are overwhelmed by the technology and marketing of their own trainings in addition to being captivating on a virtual event.  

You might not understand all the technology involved and how to switch from live to virtual and still be compelling. It can be confusing! 

I'm here to bring clarity and simplicity to the process and help you shine whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker.

  • Find out how to organize talking points that engage your audience
  • Learn how to create meaningful connections with your virtual audience
  • Discover how to deliver your talk with clarity, confidence, and credibility

Grab your audience's attention right from the start, and keep it during your entire talk.


Don't just present information - take your audience on an emotional journey with a few simple techniques.


Make your talk meaningful, and your audience will be ready to take the next step with you.

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A keynote speaker and trainer, providing public speaking keynotes, training, and coaching to experts (activists, humanitarians, non-profit and government leaders, professionals, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, authors), Pam is passionate about making a difference and self-expression!


The Virtual Event System

Access these powerful training tools to learn exactly how to be compelling & engaging and how to create your own successful virtual event trainings with ease.


Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Learn the simple shift you can make to completely overcome your fear of public speaking.