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If I could help you get new clients with your own paid virtual workshops, would you be interested?

Host your own paid virtual workshops  
with my Virtual Event System 

I have helped hundreds of professionals, coaches, consultants, and executives gain new clients with events. Through this experience, I have discovered a unique way to get new clients. I call it the Virtual Event System.

It's a unique way of running a paid workshop online that attracts a much higher quality of client who could purchase more coaching from you. 

Overcome your fear of public speaking

My clients who have implemented this system have been able to:

Promote their Own Virtual Training

Be Compelling & Engaging Online

Gain Higher Quality Clients

Do it Again and Again!

"If you've been struggling with getting clients or putting on virtual events...

If you've tried many things that simply haven't worked...

And, if you just want a simple, straightforward solution that works...then maybe I can help!

Here's the deal...

For a limited time, I'm opening my calendar to work with a small handful of people to transform their coaching business fast. 

If that's You,

I will personally handhold you through my step-by-step system to help you put on your own paid virtual workshops to get new clients in 8 weeks or less. In this program, you will get direct coaching with me to help you every step of the way…

What Others Say


You are so real! Pam is such an expert and walks her talk.

~ Jena Rodriguez

Transformational Mentor & Growth Strategist


I am better prepared to do our virtual global conference after attending Pam's Class! Great presentation!

~ Valeri Bocage

CEO, Powerful Women International Connections


I attended Pam's Virtual Event and I can say that I am more confident that I can do a virtual event with confidence. Great job, Pam!

~ Wilma J Brown

Speaker, Author

How to Get started today

Access these powerful training tools to not only learn techniques for being compelling & engaging, and how to create your own successful virtual training events, but also how to get quality clients with ease.

To learn more, choose either the Compelling Speaker Mini Course
or go full out with the Virtual Event System which includes the Mini Course.
And, Get the Overcome Your Fear training with either one.

Hi! I'm
Pam Terry

I teach business owners, coaches, authors, professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs how to be confident, compelling speakers, create their own online training events, and get quality clients with ease.

A keynote speaker and trainer, providing public speaking keynotes, training, and coaching to experts (activists, humanitarians, non-profit and government leaders, professionals, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, authors), I am passionate about making a difference and self-expression!

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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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