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Four Powerful Tips to Build Your Business Through Speaking

Find out how to build your business using these 4 tips.


These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.


Four Powerful Tips to Build Your Business Through Speaking

Public speaking is a great way to grow and build your business for several reasons.


First and foremost, when you are the speaker, everyone meets you and gets to know you as opposed to just attending an event where you only meet the people that you actually speak with. Secondly, you are positioning yourself as the expert on your topic (and you are the expert). Thirdly, you have the opportunity to provide a way for people to contact you afterward by offering sign ups for your mailing list, a free or paid strategy session and possibly a discount on your programs or products.

There’s always the added benefit of being asked to speak at another event by someone in the audience.  But, how do you strategically build your business through speaking? Here are a three tips to make the most of every speaking engagement.

1.  Find out about your audience.  What do they want and why are they coming to hear you speak?  After all, if it wasn’t for the audience, there would be no presentation.  Gear your presentation and offerings to them. The more meaningful your presentation is to the audience, the more successful you will be in getting business from it.

2.  Let the audience know that you would love to speak to other groups! Towards the end of your presentation, say something like, “I am passionate about (describe your topic). If you know of any groups or companies that could benefit from my presentation, please provide your business card to me before you leave.”  Conversely, you could add this bit of information in your feedback form.

3.  Provide a feedback form and ask for the following information:  

  • A testimonial – what value did they receive? Add a check box and next to it put “Yes, you can use my name and company name with my testimonial in your marketing materials.”
  • Their name, email and phone number and say it’s optional.
  • Say and ask, “I am passionate about (describe your topic). Please indicate If you know of any groups or companies that could benefit from my presentation. May I contact you for more information?”
  • Provide a check box to be added to your mailing list.
  • Provide a check box for a free or paid (but discounted if they sign up at the event) strategy session with you. 

A great way to get more feedback forms back is to have a prize drawing and draw from the feedback forms. I learned this technique from attending Microsoft events. They always did this and they always got lots of feedback forms back!

4.  Finally, follow up!  This is where the GOLD is.

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Pam Terry

Pam Terry is a public speaker coach and marketing strategist who has helped hundreds of people become compelling speakers and get business from speaking. Her straightforward style empowers experts to experience joyful self-expression. And, her talent for creating structure and systems enables her clients to accelerate their success! For more tips and resources, join The In Demand Speaker Official Group on Facebook at
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  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    wonderful tips… waiting to read more.

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thanks Rajlakshmi!

  2. Sarvin Sidhu says:

    thanks for the lovely tips! 🙂

    1. Pam Terry says:

      My Pleasure Sarvin!

  3. Wendy (The Local Cook) says:

    Question: How does one know whether to charge a speaker’s fee, or if the exposure is payment enough?

    1. Pam Terry says:

      That is such a great questions Wendy – thank you for asking it. The answer is rather involved, so if it’s ok with you, my blog post for tomorrow will be on your topic. One quick answer is to always charge a fee, and, in certain instances, you waive your fee. More on that tomorrow.

  4. DTaRelle F. Tullis says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! Pam what great information!!!! I especially like the feedback form with all that juicy information. I also loved how you both said it and put it in writing. How ingenious!!! I’m stopping by from UBC. 🙂

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thank you DTaRelle – I appreciate your encouragement. 🙂

  5. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    These are pretty great tips for someone who needs to publicly speak on the regular. I know so many people who are nervous to speak in public, but it always helps to prepare and do your research in advance so you can OWN IT! 🙂

    1. Pam Terry says:

      Thanks GiGi – you said it! If you know of anyone who wants to get over their nervousness, I have some great tips on my blog. I’ll probably blog about it again during the blog challenge. It’s always worth refreshing!!

  6. Trish Springsteen says:

    Great tips Pam – am enjoying your blog – find many of your ideas congruent with my thoughts – wonderful to have the validated from an experienced person such as yourself

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These are the EXACT same steps I used to position myself as an expert and profit from speaking in less than 6 months.