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I’m Pam Terry, CEO and Founder of The In Demand Speaker and NOWW Media, providing public speaker coaching and marketing strategies to experts (coaches, consultants, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives). I’ve always had a knack for marketing with more than 30 years experience (I started when I was 5!! wink!), I do consider myself a savvy marketing strategist (and many agree!!). I started creating websites in 1997 and began my love relationship with technology. Combining 20+ years experience in technology and 30+ years experience in marketing, public speaking, public relations, and systems development, I have a lot to offer YOU. I also consider myself a leader for improving communities, making the world better for all. My moniker, NOWW, stands for Network 0f What’s Working. More on that later!!

I am continually “in demand” for my writing, marketing, and communications skills. In late 2011, I (finally!!) began my speaker coaching business, creating and providing workshops, corporate training programs, individual coaching, and an online training system where I teach how to overcome anxiety in any situation, become a confident, in-demand speaker, position yourself as an expert, and build business from speaking or build a speaker business. I have scrapped the online training system I originally developed – so stay tuned, peeps, there is something exciting on the horizon!!

I have this unique talent for getting to the heart of the matter. With my long career in marketing and public relations, my school days and beyond as a performer (I’m always performing I have been told!!), and my leadership skills and vision, I have a lot to offer as a coach and marketing strategist. After all, public speakers are the boldest, baddest, motivators in the world – on the stage, ready to engage, and make a difference in the hearts of their audience. I love them!!

I am extraordinary in helping people prepare and organize their presentations and in creating a marketing strategy with simplicity, clarity, confidence, and impact, whether they are being interviewed or giving a presentation to a group or management. My clients rave about me and I am truly humbled by it!!

I began displaying my marketing experience, skill, and talent in the 1970’s (that’s when I was 5 <cough>) when I worked in the consulting department of the, then, Big Eight accounting firm, Arthur Young, where I showed a penchant for research, writing, and editing of proposals. Subsequently, I was recruited by another Big Eight accounting firm, the then Touche Ross & Co. and now Deloitte & Touche, where I was their first Marketing Coordinator. Among other duties, I coached the firm’s partners on how to deepen their relationships with referral sources as a natural way to market. I was so successful in broadening the marketing department program that I was tapped by the national office of Touche Ross to train new marketing coordinators nationwide. While there, I was invited to write a chapter on how to create successful seminars for the book, “The Accountant’s Strategic Marketing Guide,” published by John Wiley & Sons, in 1986. WooHoo, my first book!!

My interest in expanding my skills (at age 10 – wink) led me to become a marketing and public relations consultant (and public speaker) for local and national accounting firms in Houston where I coached and trained partners and managers on how to market themselves and how to sell professional services. During this time, I was recruited by a regional accounting firm to become their Marketing Director to manage the marketing activities for their offices in Houston and Dallas. As part of my marketing activities, I became a member of the Galleria Chamber of Commerce and began speaking regularly to large and small business owners on how to market professional services.

My involvement in the Galleria Chamber included serving on several committees, including as the Chair of the Publications Committee, being a member of the Board of Directors, and, eventually, being hired as the Executive Director and President of the Chamber.

That’s me (in my blonde days!!) with Ray Miller, longtime news director at KPRC in Houston and creator and host of the TV anthology series, The Eyes of Texas. Ray was one of our many illustrious guest speakers. As the head of the Galleria Chamber, I was in my element!  I excelled in facilitating over one hundred events where I led meetings, introduced dignitaries, was MC of all Chamber events, and was interviewed on TV and radio. My ability to authentically connect with people and gain their trust was evidenced by my success to increase retention of chamber members from 25% to 75% in three years.

As technology began to take an increasing foothold in society, I left the Chamber (my dad never understood that!) to pursue a successful 15 year career in technology sales and marketing, where I worked for notable companies such as Time Warner Telecom and Time Warner Cable. During this time, I also worked probono as the Program Chair for the Association of IT Professionals and was co-founder of Techxans, a technology networking group, now called TechExecs. From 2008 to 2011, I worked for TechExecs as their National Director, putting on CIO Panel Forums around the country, serving as the moderator, and coaching and guiding the CIO panelists from major Fortune 500 corporations on how to have successful, engaging panel discussions.

In 2007, I took on an additional role as the Houston Regional Director and then later as the Chief Operating Officer of Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC), a woman’s leadership training organization that connects, trains, and collaborates with women humanitarian leaders to expand their projects, thereby, improving more lives of at-risk communities. So cool!! At PWIC, I successfully develop, direct, coordinate, and facilitate luncheons, annual conferences, workshops, and teleconferences in addition to developing online training programs and overseeing just about everything!!

While focused on my speaker coaching and marketing business, I also currently serve as President of the Board of the American Organ Transplant Association (since 1999) and, more recently, as a member of the Advisory Board for Small Business Today magazine where I occasionnally write a column on public speaking.

I have received numerous awards and recognition in the community including receiving top sales awards during my technology career, leadership recognition while at the Galleria Chamber of Commerce, and community recognition from former Texas Governor Perry, the City of Houston, the city of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana, and Houston organizations such as the Service Cooperative Association as a “Houston Hero,” and as a community leader by the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation and the Wealthy Sisters Network.

Originally from Brownsville, Texas (hola!!), I have lived in Houston most of my life and enjoy working (obviously!!) and being inspired. I have one son who lives in Los Angeles and a large family in Houston, in Texas, California, and Missouri. My interests are varied and broad and include family, traveling, film/movies/TV (I’m magnificently addicted!!), research, technology, computers, web development, continuous learning, health and wellness, and making a difference in people’s lives.

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