Hi! I'm Pam

I love teaching experts how to confidently deliver compelling presentations that engage, inspire, and captivate audiences.

I’m a public speaker and trainer, providing public speaking keynotes, training, and coaching to experts (activists, humanitarians, non-profit and government leaders, professionals, authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives).
If you would like a speaker or training for your group or employees,
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Combining 20+ years’ experience in technology and 30+ years’ experience in marketing, public speaking, public relations, and systems development, I offer the perfect range of knowledge and skill to teach and train experts to deliver impactful talks and create their own virtual training events.

How I went from a consultant to a public speaking trainer and coach...

My speaking and training career began when I was a consultant to CPA firms and trained partners and managers how to sell intangible services.

I then became the head of the Galleria Area Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Texas where I facilitated over 100 events as MC and was regularly interviewed on TV.

As the National Director of TechExecs, I coached CIOs across the U.S. on being panelists and speakers at our events. Seeing how nervous and inexperienced some of the leaders were, I was inspired to begin hosting my own workshops on Mastering Public Speaking.

As I promoted and conducted my own workshops, I started being asked to be the MC and keynote speaker for several women's groups and conferences, and was hired to provide training for corporations, churches, and for 1:1 coaching for individuals. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives combined with public speaking throughout my career.

I've worked with numerous small businesses including a fortune 500 company. Individual clients have included artists, coaches, consultants, professionals, CEOs, authors, humanitarian leaders and activists, authors, and executives. One common theme of my clients is that they have all been leaders and experts in their field.


One common theme of my clients is that they have all been leaders and experts in their field.

Pam Terry Galleria Chamber of Commerce

Me with Ray Millar, Host of The Eyes of Texas TV Anthology, in my Chamber of Commerce and blonde days! 

What Others Are Saying...


Diversity Training & Development

Pam's presentation offered lots of concrete details. The breakdowns also were useful in understanding the concerns, etc. of future participants. She is engaging and puts her audience at ease.

Denise Strong

Speaker & Author, Getting You Fired Up!

I attended Pam's Virtual Event and I can say that I am ever more confident that I can do a virtual event with confidence. Great job Pam!

Wilma J. Brown

Transformational Mentor & Growth Strategist

You are so Real! Pam is such an expert and walks her talk.

Jena Rodriguez


I am better prepared to do our global conference after attending Pam's Speaking Class! Great presentation!

Valeri Bocage Powerful Women International Connections

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